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From the award-winning financial editor of NBC’s Today, bestselling author of 11 books, and an in-demand motivational speaker, a three-part plan to attain a joyful, purpose-filled life with the resources you have right now.

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Women have more money–and power–than ever before. So why are we still so conflicted, and unsure, of what or how to deal with it? Today show financial editor and bestselling author Jean Chatzky provides the much-needed answers in WOMEN WITH MONEY.

HerMoney Happy Hour

What’s a Happy Hour and how does it work?

Jean’s HerMoney Happy Hour is a gathering of 8 to 12 women with the express purpose of talking about money. You can do this with your friends, your book group, at networking meetings, even with women you’ve just met. Having people of different ages, professions and perspectives in the room is terrific.

“This feels revolutionary,” said one recent participant. Exactly.

Happy Hour Ground Rules:

You are in a vault

What happens in a HerMoney Happy Hour stays in a HerMoney Happy Hour

This is a judment-free zone


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