with Money

The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve

TODAY financial expert and bestselling author, Jean Chatzky, offers a one-of-a-kind look at women’s unique relationship with money. How we earn it. How we spend it. Our emotional connection to it. And how we can grow it to reach our distinct goals.


Women have more money–and power–than ever before. So why are we still so conflicted, and unsure, of what or how to deal with it? Today show financial editor and bestselling author Jean Chatzky provides the much-needed answers in WOMEN WITH MONEY.

Ask successful women what they want from their money and they’ll tell you: independence, security, choices, a better world, and–oh yes–way less stress, not just for themselves but for their kids, partners, parents, and friends. Through a series of Happy Hour discussions (when money is the topic, wine helps) and one-on-one conversations, Jean Chatzky gets women to open up about the one topic we still never talk about. Then she flips the script and charts a pathway to this joyful, purpose-filled life that today’s women not only want but also, finally, have the resources to afford.

Chatzky’s candid three-part plan–formed through detailed reporting with the world’s top economists, psychiatrists, behaviorists, financial planners, and attorneys, as well as her own two decades of experience in the field–involves helping women understand themselves in relation to money. Readers will wrap their hands around tactical solutions to get paid what they deserve, become inspired to start businesses, invest for tomorrow, make their money last, and then use that money to foster secure relationships, raise independent and confident children, send those kids to college, care for their aging parents, leave a legacy, and–best of all–bring them joy!



288 pages


Grand Central Publishing

Release date

March 26, 2019










6.5 x 1.2 x 9.5 inches




9781538745373 | $14.99

Table of contents

HerMoney: An Introduction

Part I You and Money: An Exploration
Chapter 1: What Do You Want from Your Money?
Chapter 2: Your Money Story (And How it Affects You to This Day)
Chapter 3: Why Is Money So Maddeningly Emotional?
Chapter 4: Your Money and Your Relationships

Part II You in Control of Money: Making the Most of the Resources You Have
Chapter 5: Getting Paid What You’re Worth…Plus Tax
Chapter 6: Yes, You Are an Investor
Chapter 7: Investing in Your Own Thing
Chapter 8: Buying Real Estate You Live In…and Real Estate You Don’t
Chapter 9: The Joy of Spending


Part III You Using Money: To Create the Life You Want
Chapter 10: Raising Kids Who Launch and Flourish
Chapter 11: Caring for Your Older Parents
Chapter 12: Leaving a Legacy

Afterword: The Big Takeaway (or What Have We Learned Overall)
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