HerMoney Happy Hour

Welcome to your HerMoney Happy Hour! Grab a drink!

Want to get a group of women — your friends, your clients, your book group — talking about money? Invite them to a HerMoney Happy Hour! This experience, developed by personal finance expert Jean Chatzky, plays like a party game but provides a route to comfortably explore financial feelings, insights, secrets, even fears. The HerMoney Happy Hour Kit is now available and includes all the items you need to facilitate your own discussion group with candor and ease, in person or online. Past participants have called it liberating, revolutionary and — perhaps most importantly — fun!  

Here’s how it works: Choose a person in the room to draw the first card and start the conversation. Everyone can and should chime in. Then, go around the room with each person drawing a card and talking in turn. If they pull one that doesn’t apply, pull another. If there’s time (there usually isn’t), you can go for another round. The HerMoney Happy Hour Facilitator’s Guide contains all specifics you’ll need to know.

Ground Rules:

You are in the vault.

(What happens in a HerMoney Happy Hour stays in a HerMoney Happy Hour)

This is a judgment-free zone.


Introducing the

HerMoney Happy Hour Kit

Now available at the HerMoney Shop!